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Start where school medicine stops the skin to help itself!

Our products are research results that have been used by scientists for over 25 years

MAREN AG is a German company with headquarters in Munich. We combine unique skin care cosmetics with a highly efficient sales and success concept.

Bio-Ablate procedure with MAREN products

Gentle and natural to healthy and youthful, tight skin.

Almost nobody can escape the signs of aging: wrinkles, lack of elasticity and a blotchy complexion make for a tired appearance, which in most cases does not correspond to the inner feeling for life. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, nobody has to accept this anymore: with the scientifically approved MAREN Bio-Ablate process, the signs of the times can be effectively counteracted. Because this natural and gentle skin rejuvenation is the healthiest and best alternative to conventional methods!

The Bio-Ablate procedure is a revolutionary procedure of the body's own peeling. Finished in a 25-year research series by scientists from the University of Reykjavik (Iceland). The outer horny layer is removed by the skin's own regeneration, thereby refining the skin's appearance. At the same time, MAREN products promote the renewal of the skin from the inside out. Even after a short period of treatment, visible results are set. This is done by the active ingredient (natural enzyme), with which the skin cell production is brought back to full speed.

The treatment method is the healthiest, most modern and most effective anti-aging treatment on the world market. It promotes the recovery, regeneration and rejuvenation of the entire skin.

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